A downloadable Astounding for Windows and macOS

This game will have a storyline soon, but for the Pre-Alpha it is purely exploration of one galaxy which is procedurally generated. Alpha 1.7 Introduces Base Building, the player can make a base containing up to 50 walls, roofs, and foundations. The components can be spread out throughout different planets for multiple bases on different planets.

Title screen: w or up arrow to shoot laser pointer

In game : mouse to look w or up arrow to move forward

On Planet : up arrow to move forward, SPACE to fly/land, press X while flying to escape planet.

'P' for entering/exiting placing structures mode

'Right Mouse Button' for placing down structures.

'E' for interacting with structures

'E' for navigating through inventory or structure mode


FBOR Alpha 1.2.zip (11 MB)
FBOR Alpha 1.3.zip (11 MB)
FarBeyondOurReach .1.4.zip (12 MB)
FBOR Alpha 1.5.zip (13 MB)
FBOR Alpha 1.6.1.zip (13 MB)
FBOR Alpha 1.7.zip (13 MB)


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The game needs a lot of work but it has a decent foundation. The main menu looks pretty bad and is pretty clunky. Not sure how to leave a planet after landing on it.

Love to hear the feedback, I've been meaning to fix the main menu for a while. Ill make sure that happens in update 1.8. More coming instructions will also be added. :)